Angel’s Halo-halo Recipe

Summertime again, have a coolest and refreshing beverage while enjoying the hot and fun that summer brings. There are so many different refreshing beverage to choose nowadays, but no one could ever resist this famous   “Halo-halo” of Filipinos. It’s a mixture of crushed ice, evaporated milk, sugar, various beans, banana, popular desserts, jackfruit or coconut sport, but anyone can make their own mixture and add ice cream on top. Try this Halo-halo recipe I made and surely you’ll love it:

Angel’s Halo-halo

1 cup crushed ice

3 tablespoon evaporated milk

1 tablespoon kaong (Sugar Palm)

1 tablespoon nata de coco

1 pc saba banana sliced and boiled in syrup

2 tablespoon washed sugar

1 tablespoon leche flan (Filipino custard)

1 tablespoon ube halaya (purple yam)1 tablespoon sweetened langka (jackfruit)

1 teaspoon pinipig (toasted glutinous rice)

1 tablespoon cream of corn

Combine kaong, nata de coco, and banana layer by layer in a tall glass. Fill with 1 cup ice. Add sugar first and then cream of corn on top of ice. Pour the milk over the sugar and cream corn. Top with langka, leche flan, and ube halaya. Sprinkle with pinipig.

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